About Us

LANStatus began as a Network Operations Center (NOC) provider focused on the End User Computing experience before it became popular because, like our own organization, productive employees run a company.

As vendors, other integrators and resellers across North America engaged LANStatus’ expertise for design and planning of virtualization as well as the other End User Computing technologies, our company evolved into an enterprise consultancy. 

Like the guiding light of a lighthouse, it was our technical expertise, delivery of End User Computing solutions that are on time, in scope and in budget that kept us here serving our clients.

2020 brought dynamic changes to the workforce as well as unimaginable challenges to our clients that required LANStatus to reshape its business model.

Our elite partnerships within End User Computing like Citrix, VMware, HPE, Microsoft, Google, AWS and others has enabled LANStatus to deliver on-premises, project-based solutions for some of the largest companies throughout North America in Aerospace, Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare and more.

Leveraging our End User Computing expertise in our new mobile first world, we created a hybrid solutions model.  It is the ability to deliver all components of End User Computing Framework from platform to storage, network, security, backup and business continuity not only from a on-premises project perspective but also as-a-service as well.

The delivery of End User Computing Solutions, in part or as a whole, as a monthly expense with On-Demand Technical Expertise to clients without changing the way we do business?