About Us

As the lighthouse’s provides a guiding light for ships to a safe harbor, it is LANStatus’ practice to listen, guide, educate and support our clients as they evolve with technology.

The delivery of End User Computing (EUC) has been the core of LANStatus since inception as a Network Operations Center (NOC)\MSP provider in 2001. As a virtualization early adopter with Citrix, Microsoft and VMware, our focus remained on end user productivity wherever they may reside.

This proved important in 2020 and caused LANStatus to reshape our business model. Leveraging our End User Computing expertise and legacy of NOC\MSP, we modernized a hybrid solutions model to better serve but more importantly support our clients to achieve their technology vision in scope, on time and on budget.

It is our ability to listen, question, listen and inform to educate clients to make the right business decisions to achieve key objectives. This has always been LANStatus’ competitive edge in delivering comprehensive IT solutions to the largest clients across North America in Aerospace, Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare and more.

Our Lifecycle Program delivers a modernized version of our NOC\MSP. Unlike the past where MSPs remove staff, our NOC\MSP keeps staff in place and empowers staff to do more by removing day-to-day tasks. Unshackled, staff efficiency grows to deliver a more consistent and resilient business infrastructure to your organization or for smaller organizations, we become your IT staff.

It is the delivery of End User Computing Solutions with Citrix, VMware, HPE, Microsoft, Google, AWS and others that has enabled LANStatus to evolve into an enterprise consultancy. It was the realization that our continuous services, support and management work with clients has enabled us to thrive for 20+ years.

Our goal is to assist clients to deliver technology in a consistent, secure and productive manner to their end users as a continuous, as a service technology lifecycle. So, when a client is in need, they always have someone they can rely upon for help.

Learn more about LANStatus Methodology and our Solutions Integrator Partner (SIP) Program for Vendors, Integrators and Resellers.