About Us

End User Computing has been our core since inception as a Network Operations Center (NOC) provider in 2001.

LANStatus was an early adopter of virtualization with Citrix, VMware and Microsoft as it focused on the productivity of the end user, remote worker wherever they may reside. Our goal with technology, as we evolved into an enterprise consultancy across North America was enabling productivity and this expertise has enabled us to thrive 20+ years later.

End User computing is NOT easy or no one would need help. So, as the lighthouse’s provides ships a guiding light to a safe harbor, it is LANStatus’ practice to listen, guide and support our clients, rather than giving a sales pitch.

As we dawn on 2023, LANStatus has made dynamic changes to reshape our business model to better serve our clients and SIP Partners ability to achieve their technology vision in scope, on time and in budget.

LANStatus has elite partnerships within End User Computing like Citrix, VMware, HPE, Microsoft, Google, AWS and others. It is these partnerships that has enabled LANStatus to deliver solutions, services and support for the largest North America companies in Aerospace, Education, Financial, Government, Healthcare and more.

Leveraging our End User Computing expertise, we created a hybrid solutions model.  The ability to deliver End User Computing Framework components from platform to storage, network, security to backup and business resiliency from both an on-premises project but also as-a-service as well.

It is the delivery of End User Computing Solutions, in part or as a whole, as a monthly expense with On-Demand Technical Expertise and services to clients without changing the way we do business.


Learn more about LANStatus Methodology and our Solutions Integrator Partner (SIP) Program for Vendors, Integrators and Resellers.