SealShield ElectroClave UV-C Disinfection System


The unparalleled ElectroClaveTM by Seal Shield is the first of its kind all-in-one solution for medical-grade UV-C disinfection and mobile device management in any environment. ElectroClaveTM offers a smart, simple and convenient solution for proactive infection prevention through the disinfection of high-touch devices including cell phones, IPads, tablets and other personal items that are often overlooked. 360-degree UV-C allows for the proper disinfection of electronic devices without damage to the surface or functionality of mobile electronics. For device management and oversight, cloud-based UHF RFID tracking is implemented.
Device syncing, disinfection reminders and compliance monitoring are accomplished via push notifications through the accompanying app. This provides an admin with real-time data regarding compliance and device status for all users of the ElectroClaveTM. Importantly, the EPA has reviewed and approved research results confirming that the ElectroClaveTM achieves a 99.9% reduction of Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, MRSA and CRE on hard, non-porous surfaces.

  • Web, mobile, tablet access
  • Built-in PACS, DICOM viewer
  • Multi-party A/V, PTZ controls
  • EMR – Built-in or use your own
  • Insurance payments
  • Secure chat
  • Analytics, reports, history
  • Audit logs
  • Real-time dashboards