End User Computing

End User Computing?

LANStatus defines End User Computing (EUC) as a user-focused productivity approach to computing that is more than just hardware and software.  The reality is that EUC is quite complex as it requires the seamless integration of platform, storage, network, security, etc., and user access management rights to applications, data as well as the integration of a companies Abstraction Layer. (see Methodology)  

In short, it is ensuring an end user employee can securely access the systems they require to be a productive employee anywhere, anytime and from any device either on-premises or in the cloud.

Hindsight is 20/20 and what 2020 taught businesses is the importance of having an actionable business continuity plan in place.  Today, this can be done both efficiently and at minimal cost when your EUC is setup properly. 

Every size company has the same core End User Computing structure.  Although different technologies may be used, the real differences are the particular needs, business requirements, ecosystem, culture as well as corporate governance, legal and based on the business, federal, state and local regulations to consider as well.  

This means every client engagement has a custom-designed solution to meet the specific requirements, operational processes and a stable foundation for future growth.

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