End User Computing

End User Computing

Users define the delivery of an End User Computing (EUC) infrastructure as they are responsible for productivity.

The reality is that an EUC infrastructure is is quite complex, requiring the seamless integration of platform, storage, network, security, etc., and user access management rights to applications, data as well as adhering to regulations and policies, the Abstraction Layer. (see Methodology)  

In short, our responsibility is the secure, consistent and reliable delivery of an EUC platform ensuring an end user employee can a productive anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Through 2020 and even to today has demonstrated the importance and value of having an actionable business resiliency plan. No matter the disruption, business should not nose-dive but rather have the ability to maintain a level of productivity.

Every business delivers a common End User Computing infrastructure although different technologies, requirements and policies may apply. As such, business requirements, culture, ecosystem differences means there is no “one-size-fits-all” or “plug-n-play solution” that will work for every company. There needs to be some level of customization.

At LANStatus, we ask questions that allows for the identification of specific requirements and operational processes to custom-design a solution to deliver today’s needs while creating a stable foundation for future growth.

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Importance of Implementation Services

Do you risk taking down your production systems?

If EUC was easy, no one would require assistance. it is important to remember that today, you have a production system that works. Now you are adding a new complexity into this environment so do you have the engineering expertise required to modify a production system without bringing it down?

It is the execution of a tactical methodology (Click Here) to deploy new technologies, policies, standards in a process that validates the integration to deliver the intended productive end user experience without taking users offline.

Proof of Concept\Value

POCs ensure technologies work as intended.

EXAMPLE: Client moving to Horizon 8, why do a POC?

Many times, a simple validation is required with software upgrade however, for this client, a POC is recommended for two (2) specific reasons.

  1. Client has 3 business critical applications so validating this upgrade will not affect these applications is critical as downtime is not an option for this business.
  2. The client has internal processes and compliance regulations with financial penalties so deploying mistakes are not an option.
Technology Pilot

Pilot is a live, production test by users to find flaws, deficiencies, identifying overlooked details and design holes.

EXAMPLE: Client has 3,000 Citrix VD users. A live test on 100 users tests the limitations of applications, software and hardware for 2 reasons.

  1. Integration of the company’s Abstraction Layer is critical to managing all internal processes, regulations and compliance are met.
  2. Allows company management visibility into a project that has far-reaching implications and assures executive sign-off for a full company-wide rollout.

Once Pilot is validated, it is deployed to all users at an orchestrated rate to ensure client’s support can manage the new infrastructure design!

EXAMPLE: With the Client’s 3,000 Horizon users, a phased deployment with an Accelerated Adoption Plan  was used for 2 reasons.

  1. Rollout of 8,000 users can have serious implications.  Using a phased Deployment allowed the company to slowly (at first) rollout the Horizon 8 to provide minimal impact to users.
  2. The Accelerated Adoption Plan provides a detailed support plan to speed the adoption of new technology, to both users and support teams.

How Do NOC\MSP Services Fit?

System issues and failures are often preventable if the staff executed the mundane tasks to maintain their internal systems.

The Modern NOC\MSP Program tackles these mundane, day-to-day tasks so the paid, technology staff are available to accelerate the deployment of any company initiatives.

Our Modern NOC\MSP program fills those staffing gaps to maintain systems.  Unburdening the staff from the mundane tasks to maintain systems ensuring that all hardware, software and firmware are up to date as well as compliant.

Learn more about how managed services can fill your staffing gaps, execute the tedious day-to-day tasks, maintenance that plague your current, full-time engineer staffs productivity.  Click here to learn about our Service Offerings.