Healthcare Evolution

Healthcare Fluidity Requires Dynamic Solutions

It used to be so simple; identify a need, purchase the need.

Carts, batteries, power systems, workstations, monitors and with each purchase, a capital investment was required by that healthcare organization.

The turbulent 2020 / 2021 signaled a dynamic change to how LANStatus, for the past 25 years, has been providing equipment, technologies and services to healthcare organizations.  These organizations require technology when they need it and supplied in a way the provides that organization an operational expense.

This is the LANStatus Point of Care Program.

Lanstatus Turnkey Telehealth Solutions Based on Hipaa Compliant KrixiCare Software

Krixi Care provides a comprehensive suite of online care management and delivery solutions for patients, physicians and hospitals.

  • 25+ telemedicine / telestroke networks
  • In 110 hospitals, in 9 US states, Singapore and India
  • 100,000+ patients treated
  • Achieved 38 – 44% successful stroke treatments, compared to the US national average of 2 – 4%
  • Web, mobile, tablet access
  • Built-in PACS, DICOM viewer
  • Multi-party A/V, PTZ controls
  • EMR – Built-in or use your own
  • Insurance payments
  • Secure chat
  • Analytics, reports, history
  • Audit logs
  • Real-time dashboards