Our Methodology

LANStatus understands the compexity of the information infrastructure so by following a defined methodology with Clients has enabled them to consistently realize their company objectives while seamlessly integrating new technology into the current infrastructure.

No matter the size of a company, the infrastructure used to manage the data creation, management, storage is similar and each has some level of security, backup, recovery and strategy for business continuance.

Unlike point technology solutions, the virtualization platform has a synergistic relationship that both affects and even relies upon every element within that infrastructure..

A properly designed solution should account for this complex technical relationship through a combination of quantifiable environmental data and understanding the Clients long-term business vision, technology strategy.  The successful incorporation of these infrastructure elements eliminates today’s ad hoc IT design.


Importance of the Abstraction Layer

The Abstraction Layer is where we simplify the integration of two or more of the Clients technology elements.  These elements are not only hardware or software but also the operating components of an infrastructure; like corporate governance, eDiscovery / legal and business processes like data backup, recovery or their plan for overall business continuance.

It is the execution of our structured methodology of services which include Assessments, Proof-of-Concepts and Pilots that has created our success.  The question is not if services are required but when you want to pay for them . . . before or after the deployment?


The seamless, simplified integration of this complex infrastructure is how Clients can realize their actual TCO / ROI is based upon the entirety of their technology investment.  This means every engagement requires a custom solution design that meets today’s Client’s requirements and plans for their future growth.

This is the LANStatus difference!