Lifecycle Methodology

Technology is not easy, it moves in dynamic cycles.

End User Computing is a chaotic integration of various technologies, applications, security, governance and policies.  It is understanding the creation of, movement of, management of and the delivery of data to users anytime, anywhere in the world and on any device.

LANStatus’ Lifecycle methodology of ASSESS, DESIGN, DEPLOY, SUPPORT, MANAGE and EVOLVE is a constant process of services and support executed towards a client’s success.  This methodology reduces client risk, accelerates time to value with services to ensure the delivery of a productive user environment to users, supporting after deployment and managing clients through the evolution of their technology lifecycle.

In 2023, our methodology returns to the forefront as LANStatus delivers a modernized NOC\MSP approach ensuring client success delivering a consistent, confident, integrated and secure infrastructure that realizes their company objectives at an operational cost.

Many companies talk about the services to provide end-to-end client support but at LANStatus, it is what we have always done.

Your Tactical Vision

Every executive has a vision. 

However, in today’s dynamic world of new regulation, audits, and oversight, how do you manage the changing requirements of your vision?

It begins with a conversation.  Outline a flexible delivery of a client’s long-term, business vision without sacrificing the ability to succeed while enabling growth.  It is the gathering of quantifiable data, defined needs and a clearly defined technology strategy roadmap with tactical execution points and options, to create a tangible reality of your vision. 

Lifecycle Methodology and the Abstraction Layer

The Abstraction Layer is the single integration point where End User Computing components integrate with company policy and governance.

Sarbanes-Oxley (SARBOX), regulations, standards (HIPPA, ISO-27001, etc.) audit processes, company policies defined by HR are an integral part of delivering the End User Computing experience. When defining a Return On Investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), understanding the costs of technology are sometimes inflated based upon the policies you must follow.

Our Lifecycle Methodology is executed with the certainty that every technology deployment is a custom-designed solution to meet the Client’s requirements.  That is why we execute a structured process. A Proof-of-Concept (POC) show how the technology works rather a Pilot integrates the actual applications and policies of the client to real world usage by employees. Yes, the process takes longer but upon completion it ensures a less painful, seamless and operational solution that hastens the full deployment that increases the client’s potential ROI/TCO.

Once initially deployed, we support the client through and after full deployment with our On-Demand Technical Expertise (ODTE) Services and Support. It is a new technology, there will be questions and we are available to clients as no one wants to wait 3-days for an answer.

We then assist with the management of the client environment as it evolves. This evolution can happen quickly as new regulations, policies, security initiatives or application is needed. It is then, that LANStatus works with the clients to make this new addition into a secure, production environment as seamless, painless and achievable.

This is the LANStatus difference!