Our Methodology

End User Computing is a complex integration of technologies with the Abstraction layer that requires the understanding of hybrid integration of on-premises, cloud, cloud-based hosted applications and a level of services to meet the client’s needs.

A methodology focused on a client’s success has no short-cuts.  Client’s (direct, vendor, or SIP Program integrator / reseller client) need consistency and confidence in their infrastructure to realize their company objectives.

Our methodology of DISCOVER, ASSESS, DESIGN, DEPLOY, MANAGE and EVOLVE is executed with every client, no matter the size, has been successful for over 25 years.  A user requires an infrastructure with the ability to create data, move data, manage access, backup, recover, and have access anytime, anywhere on any device.

It is knowing what you have, what you need, utilize current with new technologies, managing them once deployed all the while ensuring the design, complexity and integration is flexible to evolve.  it is planning for the complexity but flexible to changes while executing on time, in scope and within budget.

Tactical Vision

Every company executive and decision maker has a vision.  That vision for their company could have many facets and sometimes, it may not always require technology.  However, in today’s changing world of regulation, audits, oversight and protect the business, it is understanding how to define the requirements with your vision. 

It begins with a conversation.  Understanding a client’s long-term, business vision while gathering quantifiable environmental data to clarify and define a technology strategy that the client is comfortable with pursuing.  Then we apply this strategy with their vision to create a general roadmap with secondary strategies and defined tactical execution points to create a tangible reality of their vision. 

The Abstraction Layer; Key to Success

Your technology today, how much are you using?  20%?  35%?  Don’t know?  Have you achieved the Return On Investment (ROI) or Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of your original technology purchase or are you still waiting?

The question to consider is if to achieve your ROI/TCO, do you intend to pay for professional services … now or after deployment?  Maybe the better question to answer is if you intend to have the solution work immediately after deployment or have it limp along for 6 months until you work out all the issues? (like that never happens, huh?)

Every technology deployment has great uncertainty, and the abstraction layer provides clarity by finding the hidden answers.  This is achieved through our structured process that begins with a Best Practices Review and Assessment.

Since the Abstraction Layer is the integration center for all End User Computing elements, that is where the Proof of Concept or Value and Pilot deployments fix the solution issues.   It is these smaller deployments with seamless, simplified integration of a complex infrastructure that increases the client’s potential for achieving a greater ROI/TCO with minimal issues then using that technology company wide over 90%.

Yes, it is the hardware and software but also the operating components of an infrastructure.  This also includes the company rules like corporate governance, eDiscovery / legal, internal business processes like data backup, recovery and if properly planned, a plan for overall business continuance.

This means every engagement is a custom-designed solution that meets the Client’s requirements and plans for today while providing a foundation for their future growth.

This is the LANStatus difference!