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Metro AccessPoint Solutions

The all-new Metro AccessPoint™ Mobile Computing System has been designed from the ground up to provide an unmatched user experience to both caregivers and IT professionals. By optimizing technology and processes, the system streamlines workflow and makes facilities more efficient. With an array of new ergonomic features, a reconstructed platform, and next-generation power options, the workstation provides comfort and convenience for any clinician with unparalleled flexibility for long-term value.

What is the AccessPoint Difference?

Computerized carts were orginally designed to improve the workflow for nurses, doctors, healthcare professionals and for the most part, these carts have been successful.  Over the years however, studies have identified that in many high stress professions, the simple use of human factors and ergonomics (HF&E) might mean a reduction in worker’s compensation claims and other expenses a facility might endure because of an employee’s absence.

Metro AccessPoint mobile workstations were re-designed using the Conell Healthcare Computer Cart Ergonomic Checklist to insure that the correct ergonomic standards were applied to increase staff satisfaction and productivity.  These factors create substantial benefits not just for the healthcare facility, but its employees as well. 

View the Chart or View the Cornell Paper or Read the 4 page whitepaper.


What are the AccessPoint POC Carts?