Network Security

Network Security

A key technology component  within your End User Computing infrastructure could be a single, integrated secure solution with multiple touchpoints or multiple, individual security technology products and services focused on protecting a single security aspect.

It is all about the End User Experience!

Our methodology of an end-to-end technology integration approach to End User Computing focuses on an infrastructure with secure routing, switching with endpoint and network management.   The single purpose is to ensure all employees, onsite or remote, can consistently access your organization’s standard applications, services, peer-to-peer functions and maintain expected levels of productivity.

To do this, it is key that your technical department can centrally manage all technologies to provide consistent, reliable and productive service no matter where your employees are located.

Security Solutions

On-premises, As-a-Service and Prevention

Security solutions are very personal to the person making the decision.  Some companies prefer all security solutions on-premises, others hybrid, hosted or managed for single technologies, endpoints and for some, prevention by managing human error.

Over the past 25+ years, LANStatus has promoted many security solutions that are the best in breed for managing email, endpoints, specific applications or company processes, so our capability is vast.  Here are some of our current security solutions that offer a 24 x 7 x 365 SOC to self management of security to attacking future malware attacks through prevention and technology integration.

  • Secure Connectivity: Securing network access regardless of location
  • Malware Prevention: Malware continues to plague companies that don’t take steps to close the largest security gap that affects every company from the board room to the janitor’s closet, human error.
  • Access and Application Delivery: Granting individuals the Right Access to the Right Applications and the Right Data over the network
  • Automated Management and AI: Utilize policies, diagnostics, and provisioning to automate monitoring, managing, as well as maintaining the network infrastructure while using every day actions as a training ground for AI to learn then prevent future attacks from the unknown.
  • Infrastructure Consolidation and Utilization: Improve the security coverage and utilization across network components through consolidation, partitioning, and dynamic provisioning to support investment protection while potentially lowering operating expenses
  • Communication Convergence and Real-Time Collaboration: Enhance the integration of data, voice, video with security technologies on the network to support a consistent as well as more reliable unified communications, messaging, and rich media conferencing solutions company-wide.

What is the right security solution for your needs, requirements?  Give us 30 minutes to learn more about you to see if LANStatus can help support your organization’s Network Security needs by contacting today.