Service Offerings

Managed Partnership Program

LANStatus began providing Network Operations Center (NOC) monitoring, managed infrastructure Services and the “Square peg, round hole” methodology for what we now call End User Computing.

It was an agreement for one company to provide a service to another, period.  In concept, it was a good but it was doomed to failure for many reasons of which, staffing, expectations and communication were the keys.

The Managed Partnership Program is a modernized version of managed services that focuses on increasing the value of full-time employed engineers, partnering closely with client to ensure clear communication that will accurately define the expectations of deliverables.

Success is achieved when all parts are moving in sync with an understanding of the direction and goal.  The key is understanding where clients need help and then filling those gaps to ensure their success.

Changing the ‘-as-a-Service’ Conversation

The ‘as-a-Service business model was never completely understood, properly positioned or executed and today, ‘Managed-as-a-Service’ Offerings have many meanings, horrible feedback and bad reputations that many wonder, why is this considered an option today.   Managed Services were touted as a way to reduce payroll and offer companies worry-free systems management that could reclaimed $1000’s of dollar’s of yearly budget. 

Managed Services are not about replacing full-time employees but rather As-a-service offering that enhances their productivity while increasing their value to the company.

LANStatus Managed services does this by removing day-to-day tasks and maintenance that drains the productive work from full-time employees.  When unburdened of these tasks, full-time employees have greater focus, increased productivity to achieve company objectives faster that increases the value and retainment of the employee with the company.

LANStatus Services Approach

LANStatus is an enterprise consultancy that provides many services from a simple health check to staffing, project-based technology integrations and EUC-as-a-Service Program.

These services are direct to clients as well as through our Solutions Integrator Partner (SIP) Program vendors, distributors, other integrators and resellers across North America.  If there are any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at (click here to email)

EUC Technology Integration

LANStatus’ tactical integration methodology for the separate technologies of the End User Computing infrastructure for minimal post-deployment professional services is found by Clicking Here.

Service Engagements

Service engagements are packaged time and material services that are customized to the client’s environment specific to their needs.   Contact (email) for more details

Best Practices Review 

The Best Practices Review (BPR) is not a health check but rather a comprehensive technology agnostic service that provides visibility into the multiple technology layers of the EUC infrastructure.

All services are customized and performed by Certified engineers.  It is knowing your current technology foundation, and vulnerabilities before initiating new technology rollout to ensure ROI.


An Assessment refers to a review of the current state of a technology infrastructure in regards to hardware, software, applications and typically, client specific aspects.  It is this Assessment report that serves as a guide to the potential impacts as well as risk of change within an organization.  An Assessment is usually focused on specific infrastructure components of a client but all scope is defined to the client’s requirements.

Health Check

A Technology Health Check is a system centric, short and sharp review of that specific technologies current state. It identifies limitations, missing components and system risks that need more urgent attention to ensure a properly working system.

It is recommended for key systems responsible for strategic company applications, that this health check be performed once a year.

Residency Services

This broad spectrum of Professional Services options that fill the technology gaps that plague clients today from a new, full-time staff for one technology or staffing for many technologies to immediate access to a technical resource when in crisis.

Residency Staffing

This is a full-time staffing position that can be remote or on-site for a single technology with pricing based upon the technical expertise required for the position.

A solution for those clients requiring the temporary staffing for a single technology expert like losing your VMware, Citrix or Microsoft administrator.  Clients need to fill the gap of time required to find, hire, on-board and acclimate a new hire into the environment.  It is easier to get the right, permanent resource when you don’t have to rush the process.

Fractional Staffing

This full-time or part-time position can be either onsite or remote and has one (1) major difference from Residency Staffing; access to multiple technical expertise.

Fractional Staffing is designed to provide clients managing multiple technologies, the expertise they require.  A client with VMware, Citrix and Microsoft may require expertise for all these technologies, but not all at once.  This option gives these clients options to fill their gaps and meet their needs.

Concierge Services

These are technology agnostic, pre-purchased, client support hours that by-passes “help desk Bingo,” expedites technical resources to support clients in crisis and resolves the crisis.

Subscription, standalone ODTE or as a MSA, is intended for first call troubleshooting, address critical support issue, etc. that target quick client resolution.

Services Block Hours are open professional services that provides clients the technical resource(s) they require for any ad hoc technical services, tasks, support, etc.

EUC Empowerment Services

It is about removing the day-to-day management tasks of the EUC infrastructure from your full-time IT Staff and empowering them to be more productive on their tasks / projects that benefit the company.  This comprehensive End User Computing (EUC)-as-a-Service offering includes Application Availability Monitoring and two (2) levels of desktop support.

Application Availability Monitoring   

Description (1 / location, included in per-user price): Continuous, remote clinical and business application availability testing within delivery infrastructure so when alerted of a down or slow application, proactive remediation is executed before impacting users. This includes Application alert response, Remediation assessment best practices, Application availability, performance, errors, crashes and Monthly application monitoring report.

Basic EUC Remote Monitoring Service

Description (pricing per user): Proactive monitoring, troubleshooting & remediation, escalation support available on an as-needed basis. This monitoring service augments client current capabilities and adds troubleshooting subject matter expertise for critical issues, as well as furnishes ongoing environmental recommendations to improve the End User Computing experience.

Basic Empowerment includes:

      • 24/7 Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)
      • Performance Issue Escalation & Support
      • Remediation Assessment Best Practices
      • Monthly Performance Monitoring Report
      • 10 Hours Pro Services per month per 350 users
Premium EUC Remote Monitoring Service

Description (pricing per user): Premium, comprehensive is a turnkey service offering led by subject matter experts for the day-to-day proactive monitoring, management, troubleshooting and remediation of the entire desktop environment with performance metrics and ongoing recommendations to improve your End User Computing experience.

Premium includes Basic plus…

      • Server & Patch Management
      • Virus Definition Updates & Spyware Management
      • Application installation and updates
      • User and application management
      • Monthly Executive Summary Reporting
      • Quarterly Review & Planning Meeting