SIP Program

LANStatus’ SIP Program

LANStatus’ Solutions Integrator Partner (SIP) Program is our B2B partner program created in 2013 to manage our relationships with the 80+ vendors, integrators and resellers across North America with the many technologies under the umbrella of End User Computing.

Are you an end user client that has no idea or maybe frustrated trying to determine what technology is best for your situation or you need technical expertise for Citrix, VMware, Microsoft Azure, HP, etc. or you are unsure of what you need but are positive it is as simple as “HELP?”

Contact the SIP Partner team at (  or complete the request below for assistance with End User Computing infrastructure, Security Services / Products and Integration service for Microsoft stack with Office, Dynamics, SharePoint, BI Power and Cloud. NOTE: all required fields need to be completed.

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    SIP Vendors

    We work closely with our technology SIP vendors to provide deployment services for their technology either direct or with their channel partners.  LANStatus’ technology expertise across the End User Computing space, the value to the vendor is not only deploying the technology but also ensuring that it is properly integrated into the complex infrastructure.

    The value to SIP Program Vendors is a trusted resource that ensures a successful deployment, faster client adoption of the technology and most importantly creating a successful, referenceable and satisfied client.

    Are you a technology vendor looking for a services partner that can not only assist with the deployment of your technology but has the technology expertise to ensure proper integration and client adoption of your technology?

    Here is the best place to start, contact the SIP Partner team at (

    SIP Partners

    The following are only a few of the 75+ technology Integrators and Resellers across North America that work with LANStatus to provide the technology expertise their clients require.  If you are a client that works with any of these SIP Program Integrators, Resellers and require technology expertise, our SIP Program can ensure you receive what you need to be successful as well as satisfied clients.

    Are you an integrator or reseller that has been losing opportunities because you are limited by money or headcount but wishes you could have an ‘instant’ technology team to provide more technology options for their clients?

    Here is the best place to start, contact the SIP Partner team at (