Technology Enablement

Enabling Success

Technology vendors follow deployment methodologies for while integrators and resellers manage the integration into the client’s the abstraction layer and infrastructure.  Once completed, do you know how to use the technology or do you sit there and say, “what a beautiful paperweight?”

If ‘IT’ cannot effectively use the new technology, how do you plan to execute a company-wide integration of the solution?  Technology is fantastic and has enabled business, governments and economies to expand beyond expectation but if not set up properly, it doesn’t work as intended.  The question is; How do you plan to enable the adoption of this new technology across the whole organization and exceed your vision?

At LANStatus, our practice methodologies and deployment processes work to prepare new technologies for your organization.  Consider the money, months/years, energy, resources wasted on solution setup as well as user adoption when a planned execution can eliminate the potential impacts and inherent risks of “I hope this works.”

You purchased multiple technologies with a vision for a company-wide, integrated solution; has that happened?
The real question is what is your vision and how can we help you ENABLE it!

Please contact LANStatus Sales ( for a conversation and if at the end of the call, if you feel we are cannot assist, then we will shake hands and part as friends!