What We Do

Just by looking at a website…

Can you determine if a technology integrator is right for your company, can execute to your needs, requirements and expectations?

The question is, “has your company achieved the expected ROI/TCO you were promised or is it under 50%?”  Is this worth a 15-20 minute conversation and are you willing to take the first step emailing sales@lanstatus.com (LANStatus Sales )?

Technology Solutions

LANStatus expertise encompasses the technologies of the entire End User Computing structure that includes the products, professional services, as-a-service options and post-support On-Demand Technology Expertise.

It is the execution of our methodology, of Assessment, Proof of Concept, Pilot, and Deployment but can also include an accelerated adoption plan to ensure that our clients achieve their expected TCO/ROI.  It is also having the ability to provide these End User Computing solutions as a capital expense project or as an operational as-a-service. 

Every client has different requirements, different needs and needs an integrator that has been providing these hybrid solutions to clients for over 20 years either directly or through our SIP Partner Program.  In the end, we have only one purpose; a satisfied and successful client.

Technology Specialties

LANStatus has broad technical expertise across the entire End User Computing infrastructure and here are but a few of everything we offer.