WVD Assist Releases

Past Releases:

Please note that past releases may not have the same level of optimization and will not have all the latest features that WVD Assist has to offer.

WVD Assist Version 0.12.02

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WVD Assist Version 0.12.02 – no jre

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WVD Assist Version 0.11.08 – no jre

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WVD Assist Version 0.11.08


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How do I add computers to WVD Assist?

A: If you are not signed in with your WVD account and you are on the same network as the WVD VMs, to add computers to WVD Assist, go to the configuration panel. Under server settings there are options to add and remove servers. Click add, double click the new row and type the name or IP address of the server you’d like to add, then hit enter. Repeat this process for each subsequent server. Otherwise, this is done for you as long as you enter the tenant name and hostpool name in the respective fields in the settings page.

Q: Why can’t I see any users in the table?

A: There are a few reasons why you may not see users, first, make sure you have entered the tenant name and host name correctly in the configuration panel, also make sure that you have entered your Microsoft account info correctly. If you are using this method, make sure that the “Use WVD” button is pressed. If you are not using your Microsoft account, you must be on the same network as the VMs, and make sure that you have entered each hostname into the “Host” table in the configuration page.

Q: I created a trial account. How do I set my password?

A: Once you have created a trial account, you should receive an email from Licensespring, follow the link in that email and you will be able to create a password for login to WVD Assist.

Q: How do I configure the program to use my Windows Virtual Desktop environment?

A: To configure the program to query the WVD service directly. You must fill out the three fields, Deployment URL, Tenant name, and Host Pool with the correct information. You must also enter your WVD admin credentials into the fields to the left. After you have done this you must click “Securely Store” for the program to encrypt and save your credentials for further use.To activate the configuration you mush click “use WVD” and make sure that it is greyed out.

Once you have done this click “Save and Refresh” and your settings, except for your WVD credentials will be saved for use in the future.

Q: How do I use the “Mark Bugged Sessions” button?

A: In order to enable the feature “Mark Bugged Sessions” you must enter the servers manually into the configuration panel. The program will query the Azure service and the servers for user sessions. If a session is present in the Azure service and not on the server, then that username is marked with a ‘!’.

Note: If you entered the wrong WVD credentials then the program will pop up with a Microsoft sign in prompt whenever querying the WVD service. To correct this, go to the configuration panel and re-enter your credentials and press “Securely Store”.