Every Company has a Direction.

Our task is to listen.  Ask questions and listen, again.

Then provide information that educates clients on solution options.

Since no two (2) companies have the same vision for their technology success, then why should they have the same solutions?   LANStatus designs unique solutions based upon listening to the client that fits ‘today’s’ vision with the capability to achieve painless growth into ‘Tomorrow.’

Technology is only a single component of inter-connected business policies, standards, governance and compliance requirements.  It is understanding the ‘abstraction layer’ is the wildcard that differentiates LANStatus’ Lifecycle Program of services and support from ‘cookie cutter’ solutions.

We call this, The Journey!

Of the Five Stages of the Journey, the hardest step is the first but once taken, it is navigating the often perilous path against both internal and external forces.  These are the hidden challenges found in every journey and having guidance to overcome the traps can help with your success. 

If End User Computing was easy, no one would need help.  This is a complex integration of multiple technologies, applications, security and the Abstraction Layer.  Confidence is required to ensure a consistent, solid delivery of a productive as well as secure work environment.

No matter the stage, LANStatus has the End User Computing, Security, intelligence, Integration, Services and Support to assist clients through their continuous Technology Lifecycle.

  • Vision – – Where do I want to go?
  • Planning – What are the technologies, the tactical Initiatives, timelines to successfully make the journey and when we get there, defining what is needed to maintain what we just accomplished?
  • Roadmap – The journey itself; executing multiple tactical Initiatives, solving unforeseen integration issues trying to make multiple technologies work together and overcoming internal as well as external unforeseeable events that attempt to delay the progress.
  • Reminiscing – The pause between tactical Initiatives where we reflect on the good, bad, ugly and adjust our approach before moving to the next stage of the journey.
  • Next Stage – – As early explorers of the new world, once accomplishing one stage of their journey, the decision on who would stay to manage the new settlement and who would continue had to be made.  Will it be a current employee, are you adding  headcount or will it be managed by a service while you continue the journey?