Virtualization Strategies

Virtualization Strategies

What do I need?

Such a daunting question being asked by a 2-person Law or Medical practice to a Fortune 25 company with interest in embracing Virtualization as a way to assert control over operating costs, network-wide security and increase the overall efficiency of their business through the technology infrastructure.

Point-technology virtualization solutions have created an administrative productivity and management nightmare.  A truely beneficial Client conversation on virtualization can occur only when there is an understanding of the Client’s vision, objectives, business goals and timeline.

LANStatus focuses on delivering a solution that will ultimately comprise a manageable, end-to-end, integrated solution that can be adjusted to meet a rapidly changing virtualization landscape.

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Assessment – The Client’s Tool

When taking the car to an auto mechanic, do you write a check for $4,000 and say . . .

     “The car shifts poorly, put in a new transmission”

or maybe…

     “The car smells, put in a new exhaust system.”

Of course not!  You ask the mechanic to ‘assess’ the vehicle so you can understand ‘What needs to be done to fix it’ and if you don’t like what they say, you get a second opinion.

So . . . why will a company spend $500,000 on a technology solution that are usually based upon assumptions or best practices based on ‘Clients like you’ which in the end, always cost more money?  Why would Clients not want to base their technology infrastructure and purchase on factual data?

All environments are unique, comprised of dynamic and complex components. A Client Virtualization Assessment will provide a complete application-planning framework which can accelerate a move to a more streamlined, user-centric virtualization environment.

The LANStatus Assessment Framework aggregates thousands of data points that provides a detail-rich statistical analysis without compromising company informationand only ½ of one percent (.05%) CPU consumption during data collection.

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